Hello, my name is David Wong and I am the Managing Director of DK Wong and Associates Inc. I have over 20 years of experience in the investment finance industry. Before starting DK Wong, I worked as a leading Equity Analyst for a major investment banking firm and an Investment Manager for various private equity and venture capital firms, funding over $100 million in projects. I like to make things happen and enjoy working on projects that have the potential to be industry leaders. Hence my decision to work in finance and start my own firm.

I always wanted to be in the investment industry. My journey started with stock investing for my personal account back in 1985.
Turns out, I had stumbled into what was to be the start of a lifelong passion and officially began my career in 1994 in the investment business as a research associate for CM Oliver & Co. (prior to it being acquired by Canaccord Capital in 1998). This is when I truly started to learn about the stock market and more importantly how to analyze stocks and companies.

Our team wrote a monthly investment newsletter called Equity Search that was widely read across the country and gained national recognition for its great stock picks. By being involved with this amazing team of analysts and investment advisors, I found my calling.I loved finding an orphaned company and being the first to produce a research report recommending it. The personal satisfaction from this work came from not only the stock performing better than forecasted, but more importantly our readers making money from our recommendations. As time progressed, my interests went well beyond the price performance of a stock.

I cared about that, but also about the business itself and its future prospects. The true reward for me was getting involved by rolling up my sleeves, restructuring a diamond in the rough and being the key catalyst to helping the entrepreneur get to the next stage of development. In 2000, I had the opportunity to shift my focus and leverage my skills and experience from being a stock analyst into the world of venture capital and private equity investing.

Having worked on both sides of the industry, I believe it gives my clients more value and peace of mind.Whether I'm working with a private or a public company, I'm always on the lookout for the next great business opportunity.I currently hold memberships with the Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, CFA Vancouver and the Vancouver Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG Vancouver). More recently, I won Douglas College's Self Employment Program's Entrepreneur of the Year Award under the Global Category in October 2011. Please connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about me and my past experience.


Hi, my name is Joy Jin. I have over twenty years working experience and knowledge in quality and safety assurance, product certification, and the systems certification industry. I have practical experience in translating client commitment, principles into practical action plans, programs and activities as well as creating value for clients.

Before immigrating to Vancouver in 2012, I was acting as CEO of the TUV NORD China Hongkong and Taiwan. The TUV NORD Group is one of the largest international technical service providers for testing, certification and qualification services in more than 70 countries. I was awarded TUV NORD "Manager of the Year" in 2012. From 2004-2010 I acted as Vice President and General Manager of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Co for China, Hongkong and Taiwan.

From 1990-2003 I worked and held various management function in China Certification & Inspection Group which is the Chinese comprehensive one-stop service provider for clients in the fields of quality, safety, health and environmental protection with accreditation of Chinese government authority AQSIQ.

In 2013, I lead the initiative that helped resolve the 7 year export ban of fresh BC cherries into China. I am a designated assessor for Canada CertWork+ program, Canada’s first National Standards and Certification Program for shop floor workers and management in the manufacturing sector.

I utilize my professional expertise and knowledge to help you overcome technical barriers in business transactions.


Hello, my name is Dickie Orr. I am an associate with DK Wong with over 27 years of experience under my belt.

I have enjoyed a long career in the investment space, working as an investment advisor with Canaccord before my semi-retirement. I, alongside David, am a Director of a publicly traded company, MTY Food Group, listed on the TSX as T-MTY.

I joined David's team, working with local and immigrant investors and seeking out projects that require growth capital. Why do I do what I do? I enjoy helping people make good investment decisions for their future. DK Wong is the perfect place for me to keep on pursuing that passion.



Hello, my name is Dan Kostiuk and I am an associate at DK Wong.

I have spent 31 years practising law as a business lawyer. My work has included the buying and selling of businesses in all types of retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries.

I have also been deeply involved in the resource industry from start up to full mine development in all areas of the world. My corporate finance experience has also been global and has included engaging, liaising and managing local and senior government agencies, legal counsel and tax advisors regarding the implementation process of whatever transactions I have been working to complete.

I have, as a senior partner, managed a large law firm. I have sat, and continue to sit, on boards and audit committees of public companies. I have also worked in private equity and investment. I have extensive experience in the due diligence process, having determined the viability of investments in a vast array of different companies.

As an associate at DK Wong, I believe fully in honesty and integrity. I will never hesitate to tell a client of mine to walk away from a deal if I sense that my client is being compromised and no solution is available. However, I'm here for my clients to create win-win situations for all involved. If there is a way to make a deal happen, I will do my best to make it happen.

I am a deal maker, not a deal breaker.